Is Maggie Going To Become Suicidal Over Beth’s Death?


This Sunday’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead packed a lot of emotional punch, but will it be something that causes dramatic long term effects to the mental health of those who survived — specifically Maggie?

When the big twist in this Sunday’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead finally came to fruition, it left fans shocked and saddened but there might be a lot more pain that stems from what happened.

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If you haven’t seen the midseason finale, then go back and watch it as obvious spoilers are ahead.

The death of Beth had an obvious impact on those who witnessed her shocking and abrupt demise at the hand go Dawn. Her death may have the most impact on someone who wasn’t there though as Maggie got to the hospital just after Beth had been shot in the head. The image of Daryl carrying Beth’s petite limp body out of the hospital is an image that is still haunting fans a day later, but Maggie may end up being the one most effected by what happened.

She has already been struggling with her emotions and seems to finally have gotten back to being the old Maggie that we grew to love in the earlier seasons of the show. But the death of her sister may be something that throws her off balance at the worst possible time. Maggie can only survive her own rocky emotions so many times before it starts putting her in more perilous danger and that could be what is in store.

The flip-side of that is the death of Beth hardens Maggie into what we saw Daryl as in the first few seasons — and what he may be trending back towards in wake of Beth’s death.

What impact do you think Beth’s death will have on Maggie in the long run of Season 5 and the series? Sound off in the comments section below and let your opinion be heard.

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