The Walking Dead Season 5 Rumors: Is Rick’s Group Too Far Gone?


A theme for the first half of Season 5 for The Walking Dead revolved around how far gone the group was — something that will be answered in the second half of the season. 

When The Walking Dead wrapped up the first half of its fifth season, the question was will the death of Beth push the group into the darkest place they’ve ever been? Beth wasn’t just some random drifter who dropped by — she was the daughter of Hershel and the sister of Maggie, and someone people grew truly attached to.

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Just look at Daryl, who went from being a hardened badass to a softer and more gentler version of himself thanks to Beth. He truly and deeply cared about Beth which means her death is going to effect him in dangerous ways.

According to The Walking Dead producer Robert Kirkman, the theme of the second half will be an answer to that of the first — has the group too far gone?

They’ve seen lot in the first half of this season, all of which has pushed them further and further in to deeper water. They can no longer touch bottom and are treading in walker infested waters — which is bad news. Rick hacked Gareth to death, Bob’s leg was eaten and he later died in front of Sasha all while Carol continues to fly off the handles a little but while still maintaining the qualities she needs.

It’s a valid question of whether the group is too far gone and it’s something we will see tested and answered in the second half of this season.

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