The Walking Dead May Have Left Clues To The Next Big Villain


The Walking Dead needs to find a new villain for this upcoming part of Season 5 and some fans may have already figured it out thanks to clues the show has left. 

It’s not often that The Walking Dead tips its hand to fans and gives insight into future events, but that might be the case with the villains for Season 6. We’ve already seen a handful of villains come and go, as The Walking Dead is burning through them at a pretty quick rate.

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What this means is the show is going to have to get creative with where they go next for a villain and the pillars for that may have already been set up right before our eyes.

According to Imgur user “PhtevenMcThickridges”, the next villains for The Walking Dead may have been hinted at already.


PhtevenMcThickridges isn’t coming up with a new theory, as The Whisperers showing up in Season 5 and into Season 6 has been on the minds of fans recently. What this lastest take on the theory does is make it sound even more convincing.

"To explain, a couple men from the Hilltop wondered too far and both getting injured, one left the other behind. When he got back to the Hilltop, he frantically said “Someone’s gotta go get him…A barn on a hill…I left him to die…and there were so many of them. So many but they didn’t see us…There were whispers and I was afraid…It was the dead…They were SPEAKING….”I was thinking for a minute the zombies were gaining intelligence back but come to find out, they were survivors living within the herds of Walkers. They whisper to not alarm the surrounding walkers…Wearing their SKIN!!!"

If it ends up being true, it’s going to be one of the rare times that something in the show happened before something in the comic books. That’s where this theory loses some footing as it may only be existing because ew have the hindsight of everything that has happened to go back and look at past events differently.

Then again, that’s the very point of foreshadowing, and this could be a case of that when it comes to the next villains on The Walking Dead.

Season 5 returns on February 8, 2015 on AMC.