Could Rick Grimes Turn Into A Walking Dead Villain?


Rick Grimes is one of the most likable characters from The Walking Dead but could he be taking a turn to the dark side of things?

The Walking Dead has had a string of villains on the series so far and all of them have had terrible actions grounded in what may have been initially good intensions. Usually those good intentions are far overshadowed by just horrible things that happen as a result and it’s a pattern that continues to repeat itself on the show.

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One common thread throughout the series has been Rick and how he has been the hero of the show, but what if he were to turn heel? That’s right, Rick Grimes as a villain — how messed up would that be?

Andrew Lincoln spoke with Entertainment Weekly and suggested that the future of Rick could be rather grim — not in that he dies but that he eventually becomes a villain.

"That’s what I love about this show and the writing the past few years are the echoes. And its almost like there are certain moments and things that we do that resemble the Claimers. Like we’re whistling a lot this season, which is what they did. There’s a scene on the rooftop where I signal to the family that the deal is on, which is that hand clench that Gareth did as well. There are a lot of echoes that we’re putting in that makes you ask: How far gone are these people? How far gone is Rick? Is he too far gone? Is he becoming one of these people? And that’s the exciting thing going on in this journey. The writers keep throwing in these strange moments where you ask yourself: Who are we rooting for here? What line have we crossed?"

Having Rick Grimes turn into another Governor or Gareth would be utterly soul crushing and something that changes the show forever. There have no doubt been hints that he could turn heel and go evil, but fans might lose all hope if that happened.

It’s one thing to kill Herschel, Beth, Bob and so many others but it’s another thing to keep a main character we love alive but turn him against us and everyone else.

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