Robert Kirkman Lobbied For Rick To Kill Lamson


The Walking Dead is known to mess with its characters, and that happened in the midseason finale when Rick started to venture down a dark path. 

When The Walking Dead aired its midseason finale episode, many fans were shocked to see the darkness brewing in Rick’s eyes at numerous points in the episode. Perhaps his darkest moment was right off the bat when he ran Lamson down with a car after he refused to be re-captured by Rick.

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Here was Rick — the hero of the series — killing guy in cold blood after hitting him with a car and then pretty much openly mocking him about it in the most passive way possible.

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Gimple notes that it was Robert Kirkman who was behind the major scene with Rick and it was a demonstration of his genius.

"“That is from the comic book. That is the genius of Robert Kirkman. That scene is [based on] Rick hitting Martinez with the RV after Martinez has escaped from Rick, Michonne and Glenn coming back to the prison [in the comics],” showrunner Scott M. Gimple tells The Hollywood Reporter of the origins of Rick and Lamson’s collision. “It was a long time ago, but it was something we never got to get to, and it seemed like it was a key piece in Rick’s development.”"

It was a scene right out of the comic books and it was something that is going to come back again in the series as Rick continues to get darker. His murder of Lamson, in a roundabout way, led to the death of Beth as there was no third person to trade for Noah which started the standoff that killed Beth.

Once again, there’s the genius of Robert Kirkman on full display to the world.

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