Has The Walking Dead Ruined Tyreese?


The Walking Dead is looking like it’s going to kill off another major character before the fifth season is through, but some fans are pretty alright with who might end up dying. 

After the shocking midseason finale of The Walking Dead, it feels like we  might not see to many deaths right away when the show returns for the second half of the year. That being said, the death of Beth is setting in motion some serious changes to the storyline and that’s going to claim a few more characters before everything is said and done.

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The rumor at the moment is that Tyreese is going to meet his maker before the fifth season concludes, but not everyone is up in arms about his impending demise.

A fan recently commented that Tyreese dying isn’t a bad thing as the producers of The Walking Dead have ruined the character from what he was in the comic books.

"Some people may not like this but i’m actually kinda glad they’re killing off Tyreese because the writers have totally ruined his character… in the comics he’s major “hammertime” rick’s right hand man, sex with michonne and carol, and basically a total badass that dies to early…but if you look very close (lol) you can see what character took his role."

This raises a rather interesting point, as detachment from a character who ha changed from the comic book is kind of an issue when it comes to getting fans to care about certain characters. Tyreese was no doubt a badass in the comics, but he’s showing a softer side in the show with heart-to-hearts with Beth, Carol and Sasha as he continues to become wiser and kinder.

Losing Karen was something that almost broke Tyreese, but he’s starting to reform his personality to make it more of softer and wiser which has apparently pissed off fans. Daryl is undergoing this sort of change as well, but Tyreese getting killed off might end up making fans happier than it should.

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