Lauren Cohan Never Thought She’d Be On A Zombie Show


Lauren Cohan plays Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, but she never thought being on a show about zombies was something she’d do in her acting career. 

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television but it didn’t get that way just out of dumb luck. The series has amassed a huge following thanks to the comics, and the explosion of the television series can be credited to how well the characters are portrayed each week on the show.

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One of those characters is Maggie Greene, played by Lauren Cohan. She has turned into one of the more down-to-earth characters on the show but Cohan never thought she’d be where she is today in her acting career.

In an interview with Women’s Health magazine, Cohan states that while she has always been a fan of supernatural things she never thought she’d end up being on a show that involved those elements.

"I never really thought that I’d end up doing supernatural genres. I’ve always gravitated to supernatural things and I enjoy it, but when I started acting I enjoyed comedy and that’s what I thought I’d end up doing – just action, screwball comedy is what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s fun to do something like Walking Dead and now I have all the time in the world to do all of the other things. This has been such a rare experiences and such a special experience. I mean I want to do everything. Literally I want to do musicals, play a jazz singer, I want to somehow emulate Kevin Kline and Tilda Swinton."

The show without Cohan would be a different series, as the actress brings an amazing level of quality to the series. She may not have seen herself where she is today, but thankfully she has ended up in The Walking Dead for fans to enjoy over the years.

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