The Walking Dead Spoilers: Is Father Gabriel Noah’s Uncle?


The first half of Season 5 saw Noah introduced to The Walking Dead, and the search for his uncle has led to many fan theories about who his uncle might be. 

The Walking Dead has had it’s fair share of interesting twists throughout the first five seasons of the show and one of the future twists could involve Noah and the identity of his uncle.

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There are a lot of theories about who could be Noah’s uncle, as it may end up being a meaningful character we already know or just some random guy we don’t meet until much later on in the series.

A while back, Gina Carbone points out that Noah’s uncle could end up being Father Gabriel, but the chances of that are about as solid as they are of Noah’s uncle being a random guy.

"Gabriel could potentially be Noah’s uncle, too. Sure. Gabriel spent all his time at that church, locking his doors to his congregation, so if Noah is Gabriel’s nephew, he’s probably in luck that he never found him.Noah’s uncle may just be a random guy. Or maybe one of the theories is right. We’ll see."

If his uncle indeed turns out to be Father Gabriel, that could change a lot of things about this season of the show. The journey to find his uncle is already something we’re watching closely, which means having Noah tied to a character we’ve already been introduced to makes a lot of sense.

The Walking Dead returns with the second half of Season 5 on February 8, 2015.

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