Norman Reedus Says Beth’s Death Is Going To Make It ‘Go Dark For Everyone’


The midseason finale of The Walking Dead made sure to bring it hard and heavy with the depression, but the act of killing off a main character will have long term effects, says Norman Reedus. 

When The Walking Dead killed off a major character in the midseason finale, it was pretty apparent that the show was going to be very different moving forward from that point.

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It’s not just fans who think that the death of Beth is going to drastically alter things for everyone who survived the tragedy. Actors on the show believe that things are going to be very different too — namely, Norman Reedus. Daryl Dixon took the death of Beth tremendously hard in the moment, as he was probably the closest character to her on the show.

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Reeds admitted that the death of Beth is going to put Daryl and the group in a very bad place.

"Beth’s death is like Sophia’s; she sings songs and was always hopeful. Of course she tried to kill herself at one point, but besides that, for the most part, she was this sweet songbird, and that represents a part of humanity that you don’t see anymore. So when you put that candle out, it goes dark for everyone."

As soon as Beth was killed off, it became clear that Daryl is not going to be the same moving forward. He’s a fragile character at this point in the series, trying to transform himself into a better man and leader. Losing Beth is something that will hit everyone hard but Daryl looks like he’s getting set up to take it the absolute worst.

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