The Walking Dead: Could Rick Reverse Beth’s Death?


The Walking Dead killed off Beth in the midseason finale, but is there really a way to bring her back from the dead in Season 5?

Fans just cannot accept it when a character dies in The Walking Dead, as we get so attached to certain characters that we can’t help but feel wounded when we lose them.

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This happened when Hershel died in Season 4, when Bob died earlier this season and most significantly when Beth was shot in the head by Dawn in the midseason finale this year. Beth’s death has not yet effected the characters in a long term way, as the show is on hiatus but the fans sitting in limbo while new episodes are prepared are taking Beth’s death way hard.

According to the insane and improbable fan theory, bringing back Beth is possible if the midseason premiere featured a time travel back to the moment Beth is brought out of the hospital and Rick flashes back to the moment she’s killed and changes the course of events.

"“So here’s what happens. They come out of the hospital, Daryl is carrying Beth, Maggie sees and drops to her knees, close up on Rick, time slows down and then reverses all the way back to Rick laying out the plan and he goes, ‘F**k it, we do it my way.’”"

That’s actually not as bad as some of the stinker fan theories that are floating around, circling the toilet bowl before we flush them away forever. But no matter how interesting the fan theory is, Beth is not coming back. Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman could have brilliant theories of ways Beth can be brought back and she still wouldn’t be brought back.

The fact of the matter is Beth is dead and there’s nothing that will ever bring her back, as sad as that is for us all to stomach.

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