The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Says Surviving Characters Are ‘Animals’


The Walking Dead returns in a month, and things could get wild with Lauren Cohan stating the surviving characters are like animals. 

The return of fifth season of The Walking Dead is right around the corner, and that means trying to get as much information about the show as possible out to fans. Nothing is being spoiled, but the cast and crew are front and center in the world of television right now as the biggest show of the season is returning soon.

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One thing that is always fascinating on The Walking Dead is the character study and juxtaposition between the humans who have survived and the monsters they’re trying to kill. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, there sometimes isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two.

A while back, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lauren Cohan notes that she believes not is Maggie an animal but all of the surviving characters at this point are animals.

"“She’s a farm girl. She would have been doing work on the farm. But where we’ve gotten to by season 5 now is that she is so dependent on that physical strength. Like that’s all she is, almost. They live a pretty barbaric life. She’s definitely still a sensitive vulnerable person, but I feel like we’re kind of all animals now.”"

This isn’t a surprising take, as the characters still alive on the sow are slowing turning into beasts as brutal as the walkers they’re trying to avoid. Just look no further than the very existence of Terminus for a prime example of this, or Bob getting his leg eaten by Gareth. What fans want to know though is whether or not there’s another The Governor in the midst of the surviving group, or are all the animals still outside that cage of friendship?

The Waking Dead returns on February 8, 2015.

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