Andrew Lincoln Says Season 5 Has One Of The Greatest Episode Ever


Andrew Lincoln is pretty excited for the last eight episode of The Walking Dead Season 5, as he’s hyping it as containing one of the greatest episodes ever. 

The Walking Dead is still off the air and won’t be back until the beginning of February, but that hasn’t stopped the cast and crew of the show from endlessly teasing what we might see. From Norman Reedus confirming that he’s not going to die, to Robert Kirkman saying he will and everything in between, it’s been an interesting few weeks of speculation from the show.

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Some of the best speculation and hype from the last eight episodes hasn’t come in the form of a juicy, headline grabbing spoiler (or prank), rather from an actor’s excitement about an episode. Andrew Lincoln has spoke briefly about the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead and notes that more than excited about two episodes that will air at the beginning of the last half of the season.

According to a recent interview, Andrew Lincoln is singing the praises of Episode 9 of The Walking Dead’s fifth season, which he called one of the greatest episodes the show has ever filmed.

"“It’s worth saying that episode 9 is one of the great episodes we’ve ever done. And 10 is the episode I always wanted to make.”"

That’s a lot of hype about an episode we’re still over a month away from seeing. The Walking Dead returns with new episodes on February 8th, but the episodes that Andrew Lincoln is talking about won’t air until February 15th and February 22nd. That’s a long wait for the amount of hype that Lincoln doused those episodes in, but the entire second half of the fifth season will likely be more than worth the wait.

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