Has A Major Walking Dead Spoiler Been Ruined By Another Show?


The Walking Dead is very secretive about the storylines it will lay out, but did another show that hasn’t yet premiered already ruin a major Walking Dead spoiler?

We are just over a month away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, but already a major spoiler from the end of the season may have been revealed by another show which has yet to air.

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There are rumors abound that a major character is slated to die before the final eight episode of The Walking Dead wrap up this season, and who that might be could have been accidentally revealed by default. While another show didn’t directly or purposefully tip the hand of The Walking Dead to fans, some casting information seems to point everyone in the direction of who we can expect to see gone from the show as the season closes out.

Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese on The Walking Dead, is rumored to be meeting his end this season and his role on a new show on a separate network seems to suggest that his time is limited. The SyFy Channel is producing a series called ‘The Expanse’ which stars Thomas Jane in the lead role but Chad Coleman in a key co-starring role as a series regular.

This may not seem like much on the surface, but the acting of Chad Coleman in a new series seems to suggest that his time on The Walking Dead is nearing an end.

It’s not impossible for actors to appear on multiple shows in supporting roles, but yo typically don’t see cable or network channels with one actor in two shows. Whether it be policy or contractual or just too time consuming, taking a role on another show typically means you’re done with the current show you’re working on.

That doesn’t mean Tyreese is for sure going to die in the second half of Season 5, but the hand of The Walking Dead may have been tipped to fans who are paying attention.

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