Emily Kinney gets first role since Walking Dead


Emily Kinney has been cast for the show Forever. This will be her first role since being killed off of The Walking Dead. 

Beth (Emily Kinney) is dead and gone and she is not going to be making a comback. As much as the fans want to bring her back to the show, there is no way that she will be making a return. It just can’t happen. You can’t come back from something like that.

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Now Emily Kinney is looking toward the future and has accepted her first role post-The Walking Dead. She has landed a guest-starring role on ABC’s Forever. She will appear on the 16th episode of the season.

Here is the synopsis on the episode via Entertainment Weekly:

"“[The episode] involves a college-age student that gets involved in a very intricate game of role playing, where she’s basically fulfilled someone’s fantasy that dates back to the 1970s, so she dresses up in 1970s garb, but she ends up dead,” executive producer Matt Miller says. “For Henry [Ioan Gruffudd], he’s very easily able to connect to that kind of a story because he understands somebody that would be fixated on a moment of their past that they can’t get past. Emily plays a character that also falls into this idea of obsession. It’s all an episode about obsession and the things we can’t let go of.”"

For everyone that wanted to see more of Beth, they can tune in on the show on ABC. The show airs on Tuesday’s at 10pm and it looks like they are on episode 13.

I am sure that you will keep picturing her as the sweet girl that was on The Walking Dead. It will be hard to imagine her in another role for a while.

The Walking Dead will be back on the air on February 8 to wrap up Season 5 on AMC.

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