Norman Reedus and Courtney Love an item?


Is Norman Reedus and Courtney Love an item. The two were recently seen together hitting up the strip club together. 

Everyone wants to know who Daryl Dixon is going to hook up with on The Walking Dead. People wanted him and Beth to get together. That can’t happen any longer. People want him and Carol to get together. People just want to see Daryl hook up with someone. He could get together with Maggie and the Walking Dead world would lose their minds!

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The same questions are springing up with Daryl’s real life actor, Norman Reedus. Fans want to know if he is still in a relationship with his girlfriend Cecilia Singley. There were some rumors flying around that the two had separated.

Recently, Reedus has been seen kicking it with Hole front woman Courtney Love. They were hanging out at the strip club Saphire in New York City for their “SINS” night. I am sure that the strippers loved seeing Reedus in attendance. Courtney was making it rain on the strippers, handing out dough to all of them.

Most likely, the two are just hanging out with each other since it would seem strange to take a date out to the strip club. I guess it could be one way to get people feeling a certain type of way. They are living that rock star life, so who knows how that all works out.

The two of them worked on a film together and have had a friendship since. Check out Norman Reedus in this film with Courtney Love.

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