The Walking Dead Companion Series Script Leak Was Legit


The script to The Walking Dead spinoff series has leaked, and has since been confirmed to be the real deal. 

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When The Walking Dead announced a companion series to it’s current series, many wondered just how legit the new show would be. While the legitimacy of the show itself is still up in the air, the legitimacy of the leaked script for the pilot has been settled.

As it turns out, despite there being questions about the legitimacy of the script for the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, the fact that Bleeding Cool was asked to remove the script proves that it was the real deal.

Of course, things could change within the script when it comes to shooting the actual pilot. Scripts are blueprints but ones that can be altered and changed at the last minute. That could end up being the case with the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead, but only time will tell.

All we do know for sure though is that the information that was contained in the script was indeed legit which means we’ve all be given our first true insight into the new companion series from The Walking Dead.

The script doesn’t spoil anything about the show in general, rather it gives us a preview of what to look for. So far, even if things change within the script, the spinoff companion series to The Walking Dead is looking like something we can all get into and enjoy.

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