The Walking Dead Spinoff Isn’t About Zombies


The script for the Walking Dead companion series ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘ has been leaked and the details reveal some serious spoilers about the show’s direction. 

AMC is preparing to welcome back The Walking Dead for it’s midseason premiere on February 8th, but the series everyone is talking about is the companion series being produced for the future. A it stands now, the title of the series has switched from Cobalt to Fear The Walking Dead — but that’s not the most interesting part about the new series.

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Bleeding Cool recently leaked a portion of the new script and highlighted some critical details about the upcoming series. The biggest detail of all is that the series — at least initially — will not be about zombies at all. Well, that’s not entirely true as the show is about zombies but not in the traditional sense.

Where The Walking Dead is about survival in the zombie apocalypse, Fear The Walking Dead will be more about the threat of the zombie apocalypse and what the world was like right before Zero Hour.

It’s an interesting direction to take the show, as it gives the series it’s own unique flavor while still latching on to the universe of The Walking Dead. Basically, it’s a prequel not unlike AMC’s other upcoming series Better Call Saul, which takes place in the events leading up to Breaking Bad.

All of this is great news for those who harbored doubts about the series, and it’s looking like no matter what the new series is called it’s going to be something unique we can all get invested in.

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