More Walking Dead Season 6 Set Photos Revealed (Photo)


The Walking Dead Season 6 is right around the corner, as fans couple their excitement for the midseason premiere with excitement for the next season ahead. 

As we sit and wait of the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, fans are starting to get excited for what lies ahead beyond the final eight episodes of this season. Later this year, we will see the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6 and with it a new story will begin to unfold.

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So much has already happened this season to set up what should be a thrilling and heartbreaking sixth season for the show. Beth is gone, another major character is going to join her at some point and Rick is continuing to slip into the darkness of insanity.

The Walking Dead Season 6 may feature one of our favorite chatters turning heel, but that may just be an unfounded fear we all have after a season full of heartbreak. As for progress on the filming of The Walking Dead Season 6, it appears that the sets are coming along nicely and are spoiler free for fans to enjoy.

These are sets that very well could be used in the final eight episodes of this current season, but they’re also ready to go for Season 6 as well. As we dig deeper and deeper into the pasts of the surviving characters, these sorts of neighborhood sets are going to become more and more prevalent.

No one knows what these sets mean, but it’s clear that The Walking dead is prepared to take things back home in a devastating way the rest of this season and into the next.

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