Walking Dead: Group will run into some familiar faces


The Walking Dead is set to return on February 8 and there is a rumor that the group will run into some familiary faces soon. Who will those faces be?

Entertainment Weekly was able to get a sneak peek at the Walking Dead premiere and they were able to give us a little bit of insight for what will be coming up on the show. Here is the little snippet that they shared for us all to chew on for a bit.

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"Though everything seems bleak right now following Beth’s death, there may be hope on the horizon for Rick & Co. after they set out to find new sanctuary and run into a few familiar faces along the way."

The group is out to find a new sanctuary and they will run into a few familiar faces. A FEW. This is supposed to give them some hope as well. Who could these familiar faces be?

We know that Morgan was on their trail at the mid-season premiere. It looked like he was still a long time away from meeting up with the rest of the crew still. He arrived at some of the destinations some time out based on the vegitation that was growing around. Would he be the familiar face that we see?

It doesn’t seem like it would be Morgan though since the snippet says that they will run into a few familiar faces. Morgan has been traveling alone for every step that he takes.

Who else could the crew run into while they are out?

Could we see Morales make a return on the show? He was last seen in the first season when he left the rest of the guys in order to find more of his family. He was traveling with his wife and kids and was heading out to Birmingham. Could they be the familiar faces that they run into on the way?

There is also the possibility that they run into the Vatos group. They were in Atlanta and they were still alive when we had last seen them.

Is there anyone else that they could run into?

It would make the most sense that they meet back up with Morgan though since he has been shown following their path throughout the first part of the season. He is on the trail and should get close to them at some point. We will have to wait to find out.

The mid-season premiere is set to return on February 8 on AMC.

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