Robert Kirkman: Walking Dead comic book fans have ‘a leg up’ on new episodes


The Walking Dead comes from great source material and showrunner Robert Kirkman has noted fans of the comics are ahead of the game. 

Before there was a television show, The Walking Dead was a cult hit comic book series that has since spawned an empire of gory zombie glory. This is thanks in large part to the television series that came about based on the comics, but those original fans of the source material are not being forgotten at all.

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Robert Kirkman, who both worked on the comic book and has been piloting the series since pretty much the start, isn’t forgetting about the original fans of the series.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman noted that comic book fans of The Walking Dead have a leg up on television viewers when it comes to new characters being introduced and storylines playing out.

"There’s a lot of curve balls coming up. Comic book readers certainly have a leg up on figuring out where things are going, and everyone should be reading the comic. Please print that in Entertainment Weekly. But even if you have read the comic book series, there are a lot of changes, a lot of differences, a lot of curve balls coming up."

So far deaths have been predicted almost perfectly by comic book readers and that’s further proof that not only is the series staying true to it’s roots, but Kirkman is rewarding those who have been in the know longer than just for the current popularity of the product.

The Walking Dead has thrown us curveballs, but comic book fans have been savvy to most turns in the story and that’s Kirkman saying thanks for being there from the start.

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