The Walking Dead star says he’d spend zombie apocalypse at the beach


Despite how heavy things are at the moment on The Walking Dead, the cast continues to keep things light. 

The Walking Dead has returned with a strong and solid second half to the fifth season of the show, but the more you talk to the cast away from the camera, the lighter the atmosphere of the show becomes.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Josh McDermitt — who plays Eugene — noted that if he were in the zombie apocalypse, he would rather spend whatever time he had left at the beach.

"As for me, personally, I would love to get to the beach. You already have one side that’s going to be fortified with the water and then you’ve got great weather and what not. Like, if we’re going to be going through hell, might as well live in a paradise a little bit!"

All of this played into a conversation about how Eugene may be a dirty liar but he ma have been right boot Washington D.C. being a viable option for the group.

This also isn’t the first time that McDermitt has been brutally honest about how he’d act in a real zombie apocalypse. Earlier last week, he mentioned to The Today Show that he was too fat to survive a situation like the one Eugene is in on The Walking Dead and this week he mentioned that he’s spend his time at the beach.

Thankfully, the zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen, but if it does at least we know where to find McDermitt if we need him.

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