Chad Coleman blames Daryl Dixon as the reason he got killed on Walking Dead


The Walking Dead has a way of killing off characters we love, but there may be a reason why we saw Tyreese killed off in the midseason premiere — Daryl Dixon. 

When The Walking Dead kills off characters from the show, there is usually a pretty good reason for it to happen. But it may not always be for a reason that fans like — which is the case with Tyreese and his absence from the show.

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If you missed the midseason premiere — well, sorry but spoiler alert (and shame on you for not seeing it yet) — Tyresse has been killed off the show. The midseason premiere was basically just 45 minutes of him dying but there may be a reason why so much focus was given to his death.

The reason is, Tyreese has been largely passed over in a way from who he is in the comics to who he was in the show and his 45 minutes of dying was a sendoff to his character — in a way.

According to an interview with TV Line, Chad Coleman made note that the reason he was killed off the show might have something to do with the popularity of Daryl and his relationship with the main characters.

"“The creation of Daryl, more than anything else, is probably the reason why I’m not on the show. I was [Rick’s] right-hand man [in the comics].”"

Daryl Dixon has taken up claim as Rick Grime’s unofficial right hand man and that could end up causing issues for more than just the deceased Tyreese. Daryl is a central character on the show the way he wasn’t totally in the comics and that is having a residual effect on characters on the show.

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