Walking Dead Rumors: Will Abraham be killed off because of Daryl?


The Walking Dead is starting to really pick up with it’s fifth season, but could we see a main character killed off thanks to the popularity of another?

Ego is everything in Hollywood, but sometimes that ego transfers from fact to fiction — which could be the case with Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. That’s not to say actor Norman Reedus has an ego that is effecting the show’s direction, but the massive popularity of his character might be.

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In a recent interview with TVLine, Chad Coleman — who played Tyreese on The Walking Dead — noted that he believed the reason he was killed off the series had to do directly with Daryl Dixon and his popularity. The reason this makes so much sense is Daryl is the most popular character on the show and has far outgrown his role in the comics.

This then caused a problem where Tyreese was Rick’s main man in the comics but Daryl is his main man in the show — meaning one had to go. Given Daryl’s popularity, it wasn’t going to be him but given this isn’t his role from the comics, people are not happy.

All of this could be bad news for Abraham too, who was Tyreese’s successor as Rick’s main man in the comics. With Daryl firmly in the position of Rick’s right hand partner — unofficially or officially — this could force Abraham out of the picture and make him an expendable character.

It’ snot a given that he will be forced out, but the writing seems to be on the wall after what happened to Tyreese. Abraham has seldom been heard from this season outside of a few episodes and while he still carries weight as a character this season his clock is very clearly ticking.

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