Is The Walking Dead too scared to kill off Daryl Dixon?


The Walking Dead has a knack for killing everyone we like, but are the writers smart to keep Daryl around or too scared to kill him off?

Is Daryl Dixon as deadly as the walkers he so easily dispatches each week in the show? That’s the question that is being asked by some as yet another major character was killed off on The Walking Dead but this time it may have something to do with Daryl’s existence on the show.

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If you missed the midseason premiere this season, then go back and watch it as spoilers lay ahead.

Last chance — okay.

On the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, we saw Tyreese get killed off in agonizing fashion as it was basically 45 minutes of him dying. That may have something to do with the popularity of Daryl Dixon on the series as he effectively replaced Tyreese as Rick’s right hand man from the comic books.

But does this have to do with the direction of the show or the massive popularity that the character has amassed thanks to the series. Daryl is a big player in the comics but he’s reached a whole new level thanks to Norman Reedus’ portrayal of the character.

So is his existence on the show having more to do with his development as a character or the fear of backlash should he be killed off. There are Walking Dead fans and there are Daryl Dixon fans — who are some of the most rabidly loyal fans you’ll ever meet.

If I was a writer on The Walking Dead, I’d be nervous about killing off Daryl too as you don’t take sugar out of pop if that’s what people love about it. It may be totally healthy but you can’t take away a character as popular or powerful as Daryl without having a really good reason.

As much as it seems Daryl edging characters like Abraham and Tyreese out of the story is unfair and a case of writers being scared, the show truly is a case of survival of the fittest in every way, shape and form.

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