Walking Dead: Is Alexandria going to turn into another Terminus?


The Walking Dead has seemingly brought peace to the series — for now — but is the Alexandria Safe Zone something that will turn into another Terminus?

It seems that happy things just can’t be had on The Walking Dead, as the series is something that likes to dangle happiness in front of us before snatching it away — along with part of our souls. We have seen this too many times in the past to think that things are going to end well, which is why we’re all skeptical of what the Alexandria Safe Zone really holds.

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This could all really be as good as it seems, but the fact of the matter is if something on The Walking Dead seems too good to be true — it typically means you’re going to die. Either you’re going to get slit open over a pig troth, your leg is going to get barbecued or you’re going to go insane but something bad always happens when good things seem like they’re happening.

Next week’s preview of The Walking Dead raises doubt about the total safety and sanity of the Alexandria Safe Zone. Daryl is being followed (and possibly shot?) while the wheels start to fall off inside the walls.

It’s not our fault for not trusting the Alexandria Safe Zone but that doesn’t mean it’s going to end badly. So far the entire setup seems good natured — which wasn’t the case at Terminus where something seemed off right away. Things only seem off now because we’ve been trained to think that things are off.

Only time will tell, but there are serious reservations we have about the Alexandria Safe Zone and there is still the possibility that it can turn out like Terminus. It may not be as big of a cannibalistic disaster, but like at the hospital in Atlanta, things always have a way of ending badly.

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