Robert Kirkman Wants Charlie Sheen on The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is always open to having celebrity cameos, but Robert Kirkman is pushing for Charlie Sheen to come join the cast. 

With the massive popularity that The Walking Dead has garnered during it’s five season run, the series has attracted more than a few famous viewers. Thanks to the pull some of them have, said celebrity fans have landed cameo roles on the show at their own asking.

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But Robert Kirkman isn’t in the business of always accepting requests for cameos, sometimes he wants to hand them out himself.

According to The Hollywood ReporterRobert Kirkman has put out a request for Charlie Sheen to be on The Walking Dead. Not only is Kirkman publicly saying this so that it goes on record — he’s parentally begging Sheen.

"“Charlie call us, we we will totally make that happen. We’ll do whatever you want.”"

Knowing how meta Sheen is about his own craziness, it would actually be very possible to see him appear on The Walking Dead in some sort of role. But if Sheen were to ever appear on The Walking Dead, it should be in a serious role — not something gimmicky.

There have been a number of celebrities who have had cameo roles on The Walking Dead as walkers, and to lump Sheen in there with them is a waste. There is real acting talent with Sheen, and if he can tap into his Wall Street and Platoon era acting ability, he cold be brilliant on The Walking Dead.

Imagine Charlie Sheen as a villain on The Walking Dead — that’s Brilliant.

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