The Walking Dead Rumors: Is Aaron Going To Be The New Rick?


The Walking Dead tends to sometimes move away from the comics, and given his relationship with Daryl, is Aaron going to become the new Rick?

The Walking Dead won’ the back on for about six months, as the sixth season of the show is going to begin filming in May now that the most recent season has wrapped up.

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But now that The Walking Dead is moving forward with what should be an amazing sixth season, the question needs to be asked — what role is Aaron going to be playing?

Moving forward, it’s clear that Daryl and Aaron are closer than we all thought they’d be, which is huge for the development of Aaron as a character. His relationship to Daryl suggests that he could have a large role moving forward and he could even be on the path to being a new Rick.

That’s a stretch, and a departure from the comics — but it’s not that hard to believe nor is it that unbelievable to fathom. Rick is starting to get back to his leadership ways, but he’s way unstable and that’s troubling moving forward. Aaron is a bit more level headed, and his relationship to Daryl makes him an instant candidate to be a huge character on the show.

Of course, the history of the show has been brutal when it comes to relationships, as when a main character gets close to anyone it’s a death sentence for that person.

Let’s hope that’s not the case for Aaron, as he has a lot of room to develop and he’s someone we want to see grow — not get eaten alive.

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