Will The Walking Dead Season 6 Live Up To Hype?


The Walking Dead Season 6 is set to possibly the best season the show has ever had, but can it live up to the hype that it is building towards?

After five seasons of The Walking Dead, fans are starting to wonder if this show is ever going to run out of steam. That’s a tough question to ask, but it’s going to be one that has an interesting answer moving forward.

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So far, this most recent season was a heartbreaker in more than one way as it took characters we held near and dear to our hearts and didn’t really give a good reason why. Tyreese, Bob, Beth and Noah all departed far too soon — and then there was the senseless death of Reg.

But The Walking Dead Season 6 has all the makings of a season that could restore balance in a way to a series that has been defined by chaos.

Rick finally seems to be getting his head screwed on right — which is great to see. Daryl is returning to badass form and there are new members of the group we’ve come to care about like we have with characters in the past who have since departed. Aaron seems pretty reliable and he’s a guy who could assimilate himself into the group and be a mainstay.

The Walking Dead Season 6 is also set to introduce The Wolves into the storyline which could be a game changer in terms of how it tears the group apart — literally and mentally.

It’s been a wild five season ride, but things are just getting good for The Walking Dead and the series has more than enough to live up to the hype it has built up leading into The Walking Dead Season 6 in the fall.

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