Could Daryl Ever Assume Rick’s Leadership Role?


The Walking Dead is all about character development and connections, but could Daryl Dixon ever assume the leadership role that Rick has held through five seasons?

We have to wait until the fall for more episodes of The Walking Dead, but this past season raised plenty of questions that can be answered in the offseason as fans try to fill the void that they have with no new episodes due for months. But from what we saw in the fifth season of the show, could there ever be a massive change up on our hands when it comes to who is leading the group?

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Rick Grimes has been the group’s leader for basically the entire series and that’s been a role he hasn’t really given up at any point. Not even when he went a little off the deep end this season did Rick give up the throne he sits on in The Walking Dead, but if he ever did could he be replaced by Daryl?

That’s a tough question, as Daryl has always been a bit of a loner and hasn’t really spent much time in charge of the lies of others. That’s not to say he doesn’t save lives, but he doesn’t set out to save them, he just happens upon situations that make him a hero.

Does this mean Daryl has leadership qualities that could replace Rick if anything ever happened?

Throughout the series, Daryl has learned to be more group oriented while still operating on his own. He’s become a leader in his own way but he still lacks the ability to be the leader that Rick is, even on a bad day. Daryl knows how to stay alive, and that’s key but he can’t manage the group like Rick does and can and if it came down to it, Daryl might not be able to lead the group.

That doesn’t make him any less of a badass though.

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