The Walking Dead Season 6 Rumors: Could Rick Turn Into A Villain?


The Walking Dead has a way of messing with our emotions, and Rick turning into a villain is both heartbreaking and something that makes some sense. 

Over the course of the series, The Walking Dead has managed to both frustrate us and break our hearts at the same time with the decisions that they’ve made. The series has followed the comics rather closely, and we could see the writers deviate course an start making things up on the fly.

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It’s no secret that some fans are growing tired of the same formula on the series, and one way to change things up could be to throw a wrench in the works and make Rick the villain he’s been on the brink of becoming for so long.

That could be in the future for The Walking Dead, at least it should be.

The series is getting stale with Rick going to the brink and them slowly coming back. It’s almost cowardly at this point, as he’s not a strong character for being crazy and then covering it up isn’t doing anyone any good.

If Rick is going to go crazy, then just go all the way. It will make the show more interesting and it will make the other characters more interesting too. Sasha is dealing with PTSD, Carl is about as useful as a background flower pot and Daryl is being pushed off to the side with Carol.

Making Rick go full crazy and becoming a villain, it puts more pressure on the characters like Daryl, Carol and the others to become stronger and less boring than what they are right now. That’s not to say the series is in danger of being stale itself, but there’s a rut, and one way to break out of it might be to make Rick crazy and turn him into something the group needs to fight against like never before.

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