Should The Walking Dead Move Away From Comics?


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but should the series move away from the comics and become more original?

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The Walking Dead is struggling to win over everyone that it can and some of that might be the stigma that the series needs to be accompanied by the comic book series that is running alongside it. Although this couldn’t be further from the truth, it does raise an interesting question of whether or not the series should move away from the comics and become more original.

We’ve seen adaptations of literature move away from what is presented on the page, and The Walking Dead shouldn’t be exempt from at least entertaining this idea.

Of course, it hurts the value of the comic series that’s running right now concurrently with the series. The comics are well ahead of the series, but moving in a new direction could give both mediums their own value.

Rather than simple re-creating what is in the comics, making The Walking Dead into something more original could benefit the series in a big way. The comics can get away with spending an entire storyline in a field with Rick talking about random things and dealing with his feelings.

The show, not so much.

That’s been a major gripe for many fans, as the series has plodded at times and failed to move the storyline forward much. The inclusion of Daryl also suggests that there’s an open door to changing the series from the comics as that’s something that has the potential to help the series.

Of course, separating the comics from the series could mean making one medium less valuable than the other, but this would mean that every film adaptation of a book makes it’s source material irrelevant. That’s just not the case and shouldn’t be a fear for fans of The Walking Dead.

The comic books are special to many fans, and the series is one of the most popular shows on television. But they should be able to exist on their own without the support of the other — and that’s something that is only be true of the comics. The Walking Dead needs to make sure the series doesn’t lean on the comics too much and that’s something to watch moving forward with future seasons of the show.

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