The Walking Dead Season 6: Who is Delvin and is he a badass?


The Walking Dead is adding new members to it’s cast to offset the Season 5 deaths, and Delvin appears to be someone we may really love. 

After The Walking Dead wrapped up it’s fifth season, we had to take pause and consider those who we lost along the way to getting to where we are now. Beth, Tyreese, Bob and Noah all departed in the fifth season of the show and there is an need for the show to start adding back to the cast after the herd was thinned.

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One of the new characters on the upcoming season of the show will be Delvin, and we’re learning more and more about him as filming continues.

Michael Ausiello from TVLine talked about the newest member of The Walking Dead family and noted that if he turns out the way he’s shaping up to be, we’re going to love him.

"If the recurring character of Delvin turns out to be half as cool as his casting notice makes him out to be, I have a new hero (and you likely do, too). According to the breakdown for the role, the twentysomething African-American cynic is left so dumbfounded by displays of stupidity that it’s nearly impossible for him to admit that he thinks, down deep, people are — or at least can be — decent. Even if they’re idiots. (I love him already.)"

The Walking Dead has a habit of killing off characters we love, so while we want to get excited about Delvin being added to the cast — let’s not doom him before he appears for the first time.

What makes The Walking Dead so special is the connection to the characters, and Delvin looks like he’s going to provide that in Season 6.

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