The Walking Dead Comic #144 To Have Profound Impact


The shocking incidents that happened in issue #144 of The Walking Dead’s comic books will change the future of the series forever.

For some, it brought to mind some of the other shocking moments from The Walking Dead’s comic book history.  That means that the loss of Rick’s hand, Carl getting shot in the eye, and the brutal death of Glenn are all events in the history of the comics that should be on par with what happened in this month’s issue.

***Warning: Spoilers Below***

As I have previously reported, the events of The Walking Dead #144 left readers with their jaws on the floor.  Not only did we have the death of many innocent people, but also included in the list of those who met their doom were the pregnant Rosita and former leader of The Kingdom, Ezekiel.

Recently, the folks over at IGN had a chance to talk to Skybound’s editorial director Sean Mackiewicz about what this means for the future of the The Walking Dead’s comic book series.  Here is what they reported:

"“Mackiewicz said that these deaths will have a profound impact on the series going forward. He specifically compared the fallout to that of issue #100, which first introduced the bloodthirsty Negan and resulted in the death of Glenn, one of the series’ longest running characters at the time.”"

The Walking Dead comics issue #144 - Image and Skybound Entertainment
The Walking Dead comics issue #144 – Image and Skybound Entertainment /

This is actually a fairly good comparison.  Ezekiel and Rosita were both major characters in the comics that should create one heck of an uproar when Rick and the gang attempt to take some of the power back from Alpha and The Whisperers.

Still, I think that the death of Glenn by the hand of Negan was more of a shocking moment.  Despite that, there’s no reason that the events of The Walking Dead #144 can’t help springboard the comics back to the forefront after a lull in action.

Watch for The Walking Dead comic issue #145 to hit newsstands on August 12th.

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