The Walking Dead Season 6: Looking forward to October-Morgan and Merchandise

Walking Dead. Compendium 3. Amazon
Walking Dead. Compendium 3. Amazon /
Abraham. Who's Deanna?
Abraham. Who’s Deanna? /

The Walking Dead Season 6 starts in October. October–what Walking Dead fans wait for all year. We’ve been waiting since March when Morgan showed up at the gates of Alexandria to find out what is next for our group inside and outside of those gates.

Comic-Con in July started the frenzy of excitement with poster art and interviews and the trailer for Season 6! And depending on whom you ask, walker withdrawals started to ease with the news flooding in, or they got worse, making the wait seem even longer.

Here’s the trailer for Season 6, which will begin October 11th with an extra long, 90-minute episode:

AMC YouTube account:

This year we have something new to help us through the wait: Fear the Walking Dead.  The companion show about the apocalypse in Los Angeles,  beginning during the time that Rick was in his coma.

On the evening that Fear starts, after the season 5 marathon, we get an extra treat: a Talking Dead Preview Special. We’ll see Chris Hardwick again! We’ll get to see interviews and behind-the-scenes exclusives. And out excitement for season 6 will spike again.

The Walking Dead fans love their merchandise and October will be a great month for fall shopping. The new Series 8 action figures from McFarlane Toys will be released in October, including Rick, Eugene, Dale, Bob, Morgan, Carol, Tyreese and a walker with a trap from Clear. Get more details here.

A new collection of Pop Vinyl Idolz, starting with Rick, Daryl and Michonne and sporting some very wide eyes, will debut in October. Get more details on these new Pops here.

Compendium 3 of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman. Amazon
Compendium 3 of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman. Amazon /

Comic readers will be treated to Compendium 3 of the series in October. It is available now for pre-order on Amazon, and includes issues #97-#144.  Amazon also has a  new pop-up book hitting the shelves in October. This looks really spectacular. It’s a little pricey, but it sounds very ingenious.

The hardcover pop-up book includes 20 uniquely 3-dimensional scenes from The Walking Dead such as Bicycle girl, The Governor’s head-filled tanks, and the bloated well walker.

So when the leaves begin to change colors, kids are in school, and crisp breezes kiss your cheeks, go shopping for pumpkins and Halloween costumes, if you must, but put a few Walking Dead items on your list, even if it’s just “window shopping” on your phone or tablet.

And make sure that you save your Sundays for the dead. We’ll be here to review and recap and rehash every detail with you.

We have a Season 6 Planner with everything Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead that you’ll need to get you from now to October.

Telltale’s new Walking Dead game featuring Michonne is supposed to be out in the fall, maybe it will appear in October with all these other exciting October tricks and treats..

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