The Walking Dead Season 6: AMC helps you catch up with On Demand and streaming of season 5

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Season 6 of The Walking Dead starts on Sunday, October 11th, with a super-sized 90-minute long premiere episode. According to the tidbits from Scott Gimple, Season 6 promises to be loud and scary. To feature record numbers of walkers. To be ginormous. (I love red underlined words! Hey! Where’s my red underline? Spellchecker doesn’t correct ginormous?)

Hard to imagine, I know, but there are actually people who have missed some episodes and some people who need to catch up on all of season 5 to prepare for the ginormous-ness! There are people who don’t even know who Father Gabriel or Aaron or Noah or Dawn or the Wolves are. There are people who haven’t shouted “Morgan!” at their television screens and don’t understand the phrases porchdick, Mother dick or “Who’s Deanna?”.

We can’t have that! AMC can’t have that! The DVD was just released and for some people, that is an excellent option for catching up. But for others, waiting for Netflix is what they thought was the only Plan B. But AMC wants to help you, poor souls!

If you have Comcast/Xfinity, it seems that Season 5 is now available On Demand! until the end of September, and for a few of the later episodes until the beginning of October!

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If you have AMC, in any form, you can sign in online and watch season 5 episodes streaming as well on! Here’s the link and all the information.

I’m not aware of other outlets’ On Demand availability. Please check your provider to see what you may have available to you! You may get a pleasant surprise!

I hope that the On Demand availability for Comcast/Infinity is available in your area. It’s available right in front of me on my television screen right this very moment!

Fear the Walking Dead, which premiered on Sunday, August 23rd, is available On Demand as well and so is the Talking Dead:Season 6 Preview Special! AMC has made Fear the Walking Dead available for streaming WITHOUT a login to your network provider, so you can see Fear even if you don’t have AMC on cable or dish in your home!

Abraham. Who's Deanna?
Abraham. Who’s Deanna? /

This fall is an exciting time for fans of The Walking Dead!  We have a new series and a new season! If you haven’t seen season 5 yet, catch up! We’ll be waiting for you on the other side so we can all have a Premiere Party in October!

Season 5-ers: Here’s some great reading (episode reviews and extras!) for you as you catch up!

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