Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, Part 13

Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 title card - AMC
Fear The Walking Dead Flight 462 title card - AMC /

Flight 462 continues with a walker on board and only 3 parts remaining after part 13 before Fear the Walking Dead season 2 begins on April 10th.

Flight 462 departed after a short delay on the ground to a rather uneventful start. Some fans of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead  haven’t quite gotten that involved with the little web series yet.

It has been on during the commercial breaks during every episode of The Walking Dead so far during season 6. Even if fans aren’t fully engaged with it, most are somewhat aware of it.

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Very much like an Alfred Hitchcock movie or one of my favorites, The Pit and the Pendulum, the little series may just start to grab people right about now. It has a slow build up and then a hook.

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Hopefully, they will show the nice little series in its entirety in many locations before the start of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. Perhaps on AMC online or on Talking Dead or during a Fear the Walking Dead marathon prior to the start of season 2.

When we left our passengers in part 12, the Air Marshal had been in a panic and shot the infected passenger in the body, which we know as zombie experts, doesn’t work unless you shoot him in the head. The infected passenger kept coming!

Our somehow zombie savvy woman, Charlie, tried to tell him about shooting the walker in the head, but it was too late–no more bullets.

In part 13, Miss Knitting Needles comes in handy as Jake remembers them and climbs across the arm rests of the aisle seats to grab a needle. Charlie pulls infected Marcus off of Anthony the Air Marshal.

Jake hands her the needle and Charlie kills the infected, confirming for the passengers what the audience already knew, allowing just a moment of relief before realizing that one of the bullets had cracked a window on the plane.

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David Erickson has not confirmed how or when any of the passengers of Flight 462 will intersect with the story in Fear the Walking Dead. Most of our readers have guessed it may be Charlie or Jake who join the group, but you never know.