Fear the Walking Dead Bonus Feature:The Infected

Peter. Fear The Walking Dead. AMC.
Peter. Fear The Walking Dead. AMC. /

The Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD hits the stores on March 22nd with bonus material not seen before until now.

The initial release of the Season 1 Fear the Walking Dead DVD and Blu-ray came out in December of 2015 just in time for the holidays. This new Special Edition contains additional bonus content, including commentary on each of the episodes.

Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead premieres on April 10, 2016. The Special Edition DVD comes out just in time for fans who missed Fear to catch up before the start of season 2 and fans who loved it to be able to enjoy the episodes again with the commentary and special features.

In this special feature, Greg Nicotero talks about creating fresh walkers for Fear the Walking Dead as opposed to the more decayed walkers in The Walking Dead. 

The walkers in Fear require fewer prosthetics. They look more like the people they were before. They use make up to create skin differences and contact lenses. However, prosthetics are used for things like bullet wounds and bites and then blended with the make up.

Greg Nicotero and another man, who I’m assuming is either a make up artist or some member of the special effects team, take us through some of the infected in Fear, the homeless walker and Peter, the neighbor.

Behind-the-scenes content is always interesting. The make up and wardrobe for the walkers is especially interesting to many fans. This is a nice little bonus feature. It leaves you wanting more.

There are 6 more featurettes on the Special Edition: Inside Fear the Walking Dead; Fear: The Beginning; Locations: LA and Vancouver; Five Things You Need To Survive; Quarantined; and Stunts and Anarchy.

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Watch for our giveaway on Undead Walking starting March 14, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. We will have 2 copies of the Blu-ray to give away to our readers.

Thank you, Anchor Bay, for the sneak peeks at the special features, the great giveaways and the pictures! They are always so great to hook us up with fantastic advanced material. Adam will review the Blu-ray before it hits the stores.