Fear the Walking Dead: Live Thread Chat Episode 203

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Please join us this evening for our first live thread chat during Fear the Walking Dead at 9 pm/8 CDT. Word has it some of the stars of Flight 462 may stop by to say hello.

Undead Walking is starting live threads during all of Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead episodes. It’s a simple chat room in our comments section of this very post. We will begin tonight with Fear the Walking Dead episode 203.

Our comments section refreshes itself automatically so the chat should run smoothly. You can add your comments, say hello, talk about your favorite characters, reply to other comments and make friends, or just hang out and watch the action.

We are especially excited to start this week when Flight 462 collides with Abigail and joins Fear the Walking Dead. The gang from Flight 462 has been great to us at Undead Walking on Twitter. Kevin Sizemore even answered some interview questions for me earlier this year.

A few of the Flight 462 people are going to try to stop by and say hello during our live chat this evening. Perhaps you’ll get to say hi to Michelle Ang, the knitting needle zombie killer, Brendan Meyer, the texting boy who flew stand-by, or Brett Rickaby, Marcus, the poor puker turned zombie.

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Last week on Fear the Walking Dead, the group aboard Abigail stopped to hide from the boat that was following them and met a family who was surviving on Catrina Island. Surviving until things hit really bad when the father had “power pills” ready to keep his family together.

The mother’s plan to have Madison save her youngest 2 children and the father’s plan to “Jonestown” the family both went awry–the best laid plans of mice and men. Madison and Harry waved goodbye to each other as Abigail pulled away.

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Next: Sneak peek videos of tonight's episode

Come back this evening and join us right around show time and have some fun talking about the show. I’ll be here a little early to welcome you. You can start commenting any time. You’re welcome to comment on the replay of last week’s show as well.