The Walking Dead 160 recap: The Whisperer War part 4 of 6

Lydia - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Lydia - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

What happened in issue 160 of The Walking Dead comic book series titled “The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6” which was released on November 2, 2016?

Issue 160 of The Walking Dead was released today, and it definitely doesn’t lack any action or drama. Before you keep reading, it is HIGHLY advised that you read what happened last month to catch up on what is going on, but let’s jump right into the action!

The issue opened up with Vincent. He’s exhausted from walking back from The Sanctuary since they took his horse. Out of breath and doused in sweat, he can’t find the energy to fight off a zombie in the road. Thankfully, Heath showed up on his horse to help him out and eliminate the walker. Afterwards, Vincent climbed on the horse with Heath and the two made their way home.

Confusion is starting to mount within the members of The Whisperers. They realize that they are being led in strange directions and being pulled apart, and one of them makes a move to the front of the herd to find out what is going on.

Behind a member of The Whisperers, Michonne shows up with a mask of the dead on her face. She thrusts her sword through the man’s back and out his mouth to quietly kill him. She gives directions to another survivor, but is overheard by another one of Beta’s troops, who hears him call her by her name. Michonne cleaned that up very quickly, pushing her sword through his chest and then turning their attention to taking out the remaining walkers.

Beta and The Whisperers - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Beta and The Whisperers – The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Beta finally regains consciousness around a group of his followers. His first concern is that people were looking at his face, but he quickly realized that the war was still going on and wanted to rejoin the front line even though he was out cold for 5 hours. Then, he spoke of his group reaching The Hilltop soon and how they want to bring Alpha’s daughter Lydia back to The Whisperers.

On the horse, Vincent spoke to Heath about his interaction at The Sanctuary. While this situation seems bad for those involved, they turn their attention back to the problems at hand. Meanwhile, Tara realizes she was too late to pick up Vincent.

Rick is at the gates of Alexandria and he praises Eugene for his production of ammunition for the group, but also hopes that it isn’t necessary to use it.

Taylor is making some rounds at The Kingdom and is met by William, who says he is doing the same exact thing. Andrea is at Alexandria, keeping watch as well. Aaron is at The Hilltop preparing himself in case he is needed for action.

Dante finally builds up the guts to make his move on Maggie and asks her to meet him alone to talk in 10 minutes.

Dwight’s group have eliminated the walkers and shut down one group. Laura praised Dwight, calling him a ‘fearless leader’, a role he has been hesitant to accept with the group. He hopes that it has worked for the others as well.

Laura asks about using the faces of the dead and style of camouflage The Whisperers use on a more regular basis, but Dwight is quick to shut that down. He says it is disrespectful to the people who these walkers used to be and it’s easy to forget that they used to be humans at one time.

Dwight and The Whisperers - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Dwight and The Whisperers – The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

On their way out, they find one member of The Whisperers playing possum in hopes of survival. But Dwight shows no mercy to him and shoot him right through the head.

Dante’s advances on Maggie don’t go as hoped for the smitten gentleman. His lovely speech about wanting to be with her gets shut down with a cold “no”. She says she loves Glenn and no matter what, he will always be the only man she ever loves.

Carl wakes up next to Lydia and gets out of bed. He puts on his jacket to and makes his way out to the wall of The Hilltop. He waves to the man on watch duty, but just then several flaming arrows make their way over the wall and one takes out the guard, dropping him into the ocean of undead below.

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Yelling out that the community is under attack, Carl alerts the townspeople and everyone rushes to their positions.

Tara has caught up with Heath and Vincent. She says she is returning the horse but Vincent insists they keep a gun on her. Heath says it’s nice of her to return the horse they stole, but also asks again about The Sanctuary sending some soldiers to help in the war. Tara says no, and Heath says that he now knows where they stand, telling her to keep the horse.

The gate at The Hilltop comes crashing down and everyone is scrambling to prepare for battle. Everyone except Lydia, who is frozen over The Whisperers’ arrival. Carl tells her that they are going to be fine, as the shooters start to take out some of the archers and the front line establishes a defense.

Fire has started to spread through the buildings in The Hilltop, and one of them to catch fire is Maggie’s home, where Hershel and Sophia are still inside. Maggie runs to help them, but Lydia stays to fight.

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The Whisperers tell Lydia that they are there to rescue her and bring her back with them to her home, breaking the news of her mother’s death. Lydia responds by shooting the member of The Whisperers in the head, saying that The Hilltop is her home now. And the issue comes to an end.