The Walking Dead issue 160 Review: The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6

Beta and The Whisperers - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Beta and The Whisperers - The Walking Dead, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Issue 160 of The Walking Dead comics titled ‘The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6’ was released on November 2, 2016, but was it a good issue or did it fall flat?

The war with The Whisperers continues to rage on against the surrounding communities in The Walking Dead comic book series. An ocean of soldiers, but living and dead, are making their way to wreak havoc on the survivors, but who will survive the onslaught?

That was the big question going into issue 160 titled “The Whisperer War Part 4 of 6” and thankfully we got some answers as to what the group led by Beta was planning and how they would execute it.

If you haven’t read the recap for issue 160 yet, it is highly advised that you do so. There will be MANY spoilers below, so you may want to get caught up before reading any further. You can check that out here:

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Now, on to the analysis.

First of all, there were no major losses to the survivors in this issue. There were some deaths, but no named characters. However, with The Hilltop in flames, Maggie’s home in danger, and Lydia refusing the offer of The Whisperers, there is potential for a lot of kills in the next issue of The Walking Dead.

The two biggest stories are of the relationship variety. Maggie shutting down Dante’s advances seemed a bit cold, but everyone needs to let go at their own speed. Her choice to hold on is one that is understandable, but she’s really denying herself in the long run.

Lydia’s denial of The Whisperers is the other. This proved that her tactics to upset Carl was just a smokescreen and that she does consider both him and The Hilltop to be her home. However, having the news of her mother’s passing given to her in such a blunt fashion was VERY cold for how she took the news, if she even absorbed it.

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Next, the continuing deterioration of the relationship with the people at The Sanctuary needs to be a major concern. This is something that will need to be dealt with, but considering the current war, there is no time to set aside to working things out. Hopefully, when time comes to sort out the issues, it won’t be too little, too late.

Is Dwight finally accepting that he can be a leader? If so, could his presence at The Sanctuary help to bring peace? He could be a major piece of the puzzle if he decides that he can be more than just a soldier.

Finally, Eugene has had MANY opportunities to tell Rick about the voice on the radio, but has decided not to on far too many occasions. While right now there is war, there is still time for major news like that. Plus, slipping it into a conversation at a time like this might make it seem less treasonous for Eugene.

Overall, this was the action issue that needed to happen at this moment. It’s built up the tension in many places, and with only two issues left in The Whisperer War, odds are that many of these will be fast and furiously resolved soon.

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The stage is set for the next issue of the comics. Beta is back in commission and The Hilltop is in serious danger right now. Next issue will likely check in on Negan’s group and see how he’s dealing with the loss of Lucille. But that will all have to wait until issue 161 of The Walking Dead which is released on December 7, 2016.