‘A Fallen House’: The Walking Dead issue 164 comic book preview

Maggie, Baby Hershel, and Carl, The Walking Dead issue 164 cover - Image Comics and Skybound
Maggie, Baby Hershel, and Carl, The Walking Dead issue 164 cover - Image Comics and Skybound /

What should readers expect from issue 164 of The Walking Dead comic book series titled ‘A Fallen House’ when released on Wednesday, February 15, 2017?

Fans of The Walking Dead are having a great February. Not only does the hit AMC show return on the 12th for the season 7 midseason premiere, but there are TWO comic books available this month from Skybound and Image Comics!

The first comic was released on February 1st and was titled ‘Conquered’. While excellent, it left fans wondering what would be next, especially for Rick Grimes and the rest of the survivors confined within the walls of Alexandria.

Thankfully, issue 164 won’t make fans readers wait long. Titled ‘A Fallen House’, the next installment will be released on Wednesday, February 15, 2016 and hopefully give some resolution to the issues at hand.

For those who don’t know what happened up to this point, it is highly recommended that you either READ THE RECAP OF ISSUE 163 get caught up, as there will be spoilers from past issues below.


‘Conquered’ left the fate of Alexandria up in the air. The massive horde of flesh-eating walkers sent by The Whisperers have knocked down the gates of Alexandria and made their way inside. The undead have already claimed the life of Paula, with others in major danger.

Not only that, but Sherry and The Saviors are watching the chaos intently from a distance. They are looking to strike when Rick and his people are at their weakest and take everything they have as their own.

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Thankfully, the episode description makes it sound as though there could be some help on the way, as some survivors are working hard to thin out the massive number of walkers to make it more manageable.

Here is the description:

"“Maggie leads the survivors from the Hilltop to Alexandria… to see it overrun with the dead.”"

The people from The Hilltop are likely exhausted from their fight with The Whisperers as well. Burned to the ground, their community will likely need to be entirely rebuilt and if the walkers continue to wreak havoc on Alexandria, it could have the same fate.

The wild card in this whole situation is The Saviors. There is a chance the people from The Hilltop will encounter them, but they could also be tired soldiers walking into not only one, but two death traps.

Meanwhile, Beta and a few members of The Whisperers retreated from the war and it is possible they could return to have some impact in the future.

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This all adds up to a highly unpredictable time in The Walking Dead comics, which makes issue 164 titled ‘A Fallen House’ a must-read for comic book fans. Don’t miss the issue in both digital and physical form on Wednesday, February 15, 2016.