Review: The Walking Dead comic book issue 166 ‘No Surrender’

Dwight - The Walking Dead 166, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
Dwight - The Walking Dead 166, Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Was issue 166 of The Walking Dead comic book series any good? Here is a review of the April 2017 installment titled ‘No Surrender’.

The Walking Dead issue 166 was released by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment on April 5, 2017. it follows the story of Alexandria dealing with the ocean of walkers unleashed by The Whisperers and the uprising of The Saviors.

If you are not caught up from the events of issue 166, it is HIGHLY recommended that you either read the comic or check out the RECAP OF EVENTS FROM ‘NO SURRENDER’ before reading this review.


The major takeaway from The Walking Dead 166 is that Sherry is no longer able to be the leader of the uprising by The Saviors. However, that might be more of a problem than a positive thing considering how she was removed from power.

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead 166, Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead 166, Image Comics and Skybound /

By looking around Rick’s room, it’s hard to believe her death was an accident. There was an obvious sign of a struggle, her blood is on Rick’s hand, and they were meant to be negotiating the terms of Alexandria’s surrender to The Saviors.

For now, the distraction of Andrea revealing the wound on her neck to Rick is a major enough revelation to push that to the back burner, but eventually John and the rest of The Saviors will need to be filled in on what happened…and that likely won’t go well.

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Those were the only major revelations from this issue of the comic book series, but they were played out well enough and were powerful without adding too much more to the situation. Not only that, but now readers will need to find out more about what will happen with The Saviors as well as what Andrea’s current state is.

Rick doesn’t want to put Negan back in power, but it could be one of the only ways to appease the crowd of people from The Sanctuary and prove that they understand their issues. Carl would likely be a much better choice to be the new leader of the group, but they may not accept Alexandria appointing someone, especially a member of the Grimes family.

Overall, ‘No Surrender’ was an interesting and solid addition to the comic book series. It did exactly what it needed to do, it put the situation with The Saviors in a different light and put a spotlight on Andrea’s neck wound as well as her relationship with Rick. If it were to be given a letter grade, it would be a B+.

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Issue 167 of The Walking Dead is titled ‘A Certain Doom’ and will be released on May 3, 2017. Considering the situation with Andrea as well as The Saviors, this should be a very interesting read next month!