The intersection of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones


The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones started in very different places when they debuted, and now one is ending in a much bloodier place.

Game of Thrones ends its run on May 19, 2019, after eight seasons and more memorable, jaw-dropping moments than can be counted. The Walking Dead is currently filming season 10 and shows no sign of slowing down. Both shows debuted within a year of each other in very different places in their respective stories, and now as the watch ends for Game of Thrones with one of the bloodiest seasons ever, it shows how far both series have come.

Though they have very little in common aside from walker references, inspired poster designs and two men with metal hands, both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead were unlikely series to so captivate viewers as they did. One was a high fantasy series complete with dragons and the other was a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. There really wasn’t anything like either of them on television at the time, and it was surprising and thrilling that they both took off the way they did.

Over the years the shows seem to have flip flopped, with one becoming darker while the other one is moving toward a brighter future.

Game of Thrones began in a “happy” time. There was relative peace in Westeros amid grumblings about who should really be on the Iron Throne. The Stark family was thriving, and very much alive. The Lannisters were devious as always, but that was to be expected.

The Walking Dead’s debut was decidedly darker. Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital to find that civilization has collapsed while he was in a coma and the undead have taken over. He doesn’t know where his family is or whether his loved ones are alive. Civilization is in ruin and it’s up to the survivors to survive and rebuild.

Jump ahead to 2019. Game of Thrones is about to end its run after eight seasons and a show that started out in relative peace and happiness (emphasis on “relative”) has devolved into a bloodbath as the battle against the undead was waged and won, at great cost, and the final battle for the throne could be the bloodiest battle yet.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead featured the arrival of a new threat in the Whisperers, true, but the survivors have managed to keep going. The first half of the season was filled with hope and prosperity as the groups worked together to build a bridge that would unite the communities even more. The second half of the season was a little darker, but the mission to make the world a better place is unmistakable.

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Game of Thrones went from cautious optimism to bloody uncertainty while The Walking Dead went from horror to hope for the future. Though Game of Thrones is ending, the adventure will continue with as many as three prequels set before the events of the current series as The Walking Dead continues to explore the post-apocalyptic world in a variety of shows and movies.

The Walking Dead will return for season 10 this fall while the Game of Thrones prequel does not have an official release date yet.