Fear TWD: Was it Madison Clark that saved Morgan’s life?

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

A key detail on Fear The Walking Dead may have revealed who saved Morgan from his fate, creating an extraordinary theory

Fear The Walking Dead season 6 episode 5 ‘Honey‘ featured many revelations. We learn that Sherry has been with the Masked Militia, and they have a plan set in place to take down Virginia. But the most important revelations to come in this episode is that Sherry is not the one to save Morgan.

After Dwight, Al, and the Masked Militia take the MRAP back from the Pioneers, they encounter Morgan, after not knowing whether or not he survived. Immediately, Sherry asks if Morgan is trustworthy, which suggests that she has never laid eyes on Morgan Jones before.

So that leaves us with one question still: Who saved Morgan Jones? After a long time building up this mystery of who his savior was, what character would create massive suspense that would leave eyes glued to the screen? Could we finally be seeing a return of fan-favorite Madison Clark?

Now, take a look at the evidence as to why this could be happening. Besides Sherry not saving Morgan, we have a list of reasons to suspect Madison may be the one who saved him. One big reason is the new aspect of the show, creating a very dark and creative way of telling the stories of our characters. This season has been an entirely new kind of storytelling and has been killing it. Now would be the perfect time to fit in Madison Clark, seeing how dark we have seen her character before. Bringing her back would also be a smart move on the showrunners seeing as though many more fans would come back into play.

Another set of clues maybe that AMC had put up a survey after the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 6 as to why people tuned in. One of the options was to see if Madison Clark would return. Small reasoning, but Kim Dickens has said many times she would be up for coming back to the show and that Madison can pop up any time. Although we have reported this before, this is something to keep in mind. During NYCC Scott Gimple replied to a fan after being asked about Madison possibly returning with: “All I can say is that there’s some possibilities. With Tales [of the Walking Dead] and beyond. (But not Beyond).”

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Although this is just all speculation at the time and not confirmed, it is a great thing to speculate about for fans who have wanted the return of Madison Clark for a very long time. Could Madison Clark be the one who saved Morgan Jones? What are you guys thinking? Tweet us @UndeadwalkingFS @Grevorr to let us know your thoughts and tune into new episodes of Fear The Walking Dead on Sundays.