Cailey Fleming shares touching Walking Dead BTS photo

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC
Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC /

Cailey Fleming plays the 10-year-old version of Judith Grimes in The Walking Dead series. We watched Judith’s entrance into the world and have watched her grow throughout the series. She is a fan favorite with her wise-beyond-her-year ways, her killer defensive skills and sweet demeanor.

Fleming took over the role as Judith in season 9’s “What Comes After.” Our first glimpse of the older version of Judith comes after the time jump. She is wearing the Sheriff hat that her father and brother wore, she has a mini katana, a replica of her mother Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) weapon, strapped on her back, and she also has her fathers revolver. It was an excellent way to introduce the tiny Grimes child representing members of her family.

The photo she shared on her IG page delighted fans. This photo has been shared repeatedly across social media. We see Judith, her brother RJ (Antony Azor) and their uncle Daryl (Norman Reedus). Fans love to see the precious sight of the children of the series, especially the children of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

Judith Grimes The Walking Dead season 11

Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, Anabelle Holloway as Gracie Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes, Anabelle Holloway as Gracie Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

We have seen glimpses of Judith in the promo material for season 11 of The Walking Dead. In one scene, we see her training the other children in the community. Why not? She’s had Michonne grooming her to be a real fighter in this world and is the best person to lead the other children in this training.

This world has required Judith to mature beyond her years and shoulder more responsibility than a child should. Despite her outward appearance, she is only a child, and this world is harsh and hard for anyone, especially one so young who has already lost so much.

AMC’s season 11 bio for Judith reads:

"A child of the apocalypse, Judith is stronger than her years would indicate. She continues to hold her head high and fight with might for all to live. She feels the pressure of possibly being the only one left in her immediate family. This is a heavy load to carry at any age.(writers note: not sure about the only one in her immediate family, she still has her brother RJ)"

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She can use her skills to lead her generation to be the next group of fighters. It would be cool to see a Tales of The Walking Dead episode featuring the older versions of the children in season 10 and how they are living.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on August 22 and AMC+ this Sunday, August 15.

Talking Dead will air a preview special on August 15 with guests Norman Reedus, showrunner Angela Kang and newcomer Michael James Shaw.