How does Andrea die in The Walking Dead?

Laurie Holden portrayed Andrea on The Walking Dead series from seasons 1 through 3. This character was also featured in the comic story, but the on-screen version differed significantly from the comic counterpart. Andrea first appears in the second episode of season one, “Guts.”

The comic book character was a badass who didn’t die until issue 167, when the group was at Alexandria, and she was married to Rick Grimes. Many fans would have loved to see the on-screen version mirror the comic character.

Andrea was courageous but frequently too meddlesome to be as helpful as she wanted to be. When she lost her sister Amy to a walker attack, it was a severe blow. She even contemplated remaining at the CDC, opting to end her life with Jenner and Jacqui when that building blew up.

After receiving some firearms training, she becomes quite the marksman and is always willing to defend those she cares about. She was separated from Rick’s group after the fall of the farm and rescued by Michonne, which would give this pair an extraordinary bond.

The Walking Dead – Andrea

The biggest mistake Andrea made in the series was falling under the spell of the Governor. His community of Woodbury was something special to someone who had spent so much time on the run.

She tried very hard to force Rick and the Governor to come to an agreement so that no more blood would be shed. But, both men knew the other would never give up and could never come to such an agreement.

In the final episode of season three, “Welcome to the Tombs,” the Governor had become completely unhinged and was seen beating his minion Milton for burning his pit of walkers. He takes Milton to his torture room, where he sees Andrea tied to the dental chair. He orders Milton to kill Andrea, but Milton instead attempts to stab the Governor, which results in Milton being stabbed multiple times. The Governor tells him that now he will turn and kill Andrea anyway.

After the Governor leaves, Andrea frantically works against the clock to free herself before Milton turns. As Milton turns, she frees one arm, but she is too late, and he bites her. She is able to kill him and is eventually found, still alive, by Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Tyreese, and Sasha.

Michonne is emotional as she sees that her friend has been bitten. She volunteers to kill herself before she reanimates. She looks at Rick and says, “I know how the safety works.” Which is a throwback to season 1 when she held a gun on Rick, and he later tells her that the safety was on and explains how it works.

Rick and the others leave the room while Michonne stays by her side and viewers hear the gunshot.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) – The Walking Dead _ Season 2 _ Gallery – Photo Credit: Matthew Welch/AMC

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