The Walking Dead: Is Rick Imagining Entire Series, Fight Club Style?


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but could a twist in the series mimic a famous Brad Pitt movie?

When The Walking Dead goes hard after a plot twist, it hits with violent force. Even slow moments that carry heavy weight come at you like a ton of bricks, as we saw that with the death of Bob last week. But could the series be sitting on another slow developing plot twist that sees Rick go crazy and start imagining things like in the classic film Fight Club?

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It’s a theory that has been shot down in the past, but where the infamous ‘Rick in a coma’ rumor ended, another one was born thanks to producer Robert Kirkman.

Back when Kirkman shot down the theory that Rick was still in a coma the entire series, he dropped a half-joking hint about future events in the series.

This is actually in interesting scenario, even if Kirkman was just playing up the previous rumor that Rick was still in a coma. The idea that Rick is so far gone that he’s starting to imagine things could be an interesting place to take the show.

After all, the entire point of the show is to display the human effects of a zombie apocalypse, so Rick imagining things is very plausible as his sanity continues to he slammed around with what he’s experiencing.

We may not have a true Fight Club situation going on here where Rick is making everything up in his head, but Rick going crazy to the point of seeing things that aren’t there is very possible moving forward.

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