Eugene Doesn’t Think Glenn Is ‘Respecting The Mullet’


The Walking Dead is an intense show, but sometimes the actors on the series lighten things up by taking a look at things from a different angle. 

Things on The Walking Dead are usually pretty heavy, which means whenever things get light either on the show or behind the scenes, fans tend to love it.

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That was the case with an interview involving the actor who plays Eugene on the show, Josh McDermitt. He made mention of the infamous mullet he’s tasked with wearing each week on the show.

According to an interview with Access Hollywood, McDermitt is a little upset that Glenn isn’t respecting the mullet.

"“Well, first things first, I was pretty upset when I read that in the script that Glenn is not respecting the mullet and I quickly went to the writers and asked them to change that,” Josh joked. “But I think we’ll see more about the mullet. I love that it’s kind of becoming a centerpiece, not just [in] the Twitterverse, but also within ‘The Walking Dead’ universe, just like, we’re talking about it, we’re addressing it because it is this interesting thing: this scientist comes out and he’s wearing a mullet. It’s like, ‘Why do you have a mullet?'”"

This is a classic way to look at things, and it shows that while things are heavy on the show, they’re rather light behind the scenes. Eugene’s mullet is the thing of The Walking Dead lore, but the secrets it’s hiding could devastate fans and characters on the show alike this week.

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