Scott Gimple doesn’t think Tyreese is that different from Walking Dead comics


The Walking Dead killed off a major character on Sunday night, and producer Scott Gimple is trying to explain why Tyreese differed from the books and the show. 

Fans are still reeling after the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead the past weekend, as the heartbreak continued to roll in. If you haven’t seen the midseason premiere episode yet, then stop here and watch it before continuing on as spoilers follow.

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Basically, the midseason premiere was less about the action and more about watching Tyreese die for 45-minutes and it was painful. Dead characters like Beth, The Governor and both Mika and Lizzie returned in his hallucinations

Losing Tyreese is something that has polarized fans of the comics and the television series. Some are heartbroken over his death, while other think that his death was putting his character out his misery. The latter statement comes from accusations that the series so far departed from Tyreese from the comics that he was almost a new character.

Walking Dead producers Scott Gimple noted that there wasn’t a total departure from the comics when it came to Tyreese, rather there were echoes of the character in the books that showed up on the series.

"I would say Tyreese in the book, there were echoes of him on the show but in some ways, they were different characters. If you look at the whole of him, there’s a lot that is the same same but there is a great deal that is very different."

The differences between the Tyreese of the comics and the Tyreese of the television series is something that has both angered fans and left the m unfazed. Some don’t even know the difference between the two while others are so offended by even the most subtle difference that Tyreese’s death was liberating in a way.

Either way, Scott Gimple doesn’t see that much difference in the characters and for those that exist, he doesn’t seem to bothered by them.

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