Eugene Wants To Watch Three-Way With Rick, Daryl and Carol


The Walking Dead has had some shocking moments, but what about a three-way that Eugene creepily watches from behind a book shelf?

Every since he was introduced, Eugene has been an interesting character to watch develop. He may be slow and come across that way, but he fooled everyone into thinking he was a scientist — which either speaks highly of Eugene’s acting skills or really lowly about the groups eye for posers.

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Either way, Eugene also happens to be a creep and that’s something that we saw in the first half of season five when he watched Abraham and Rosita have sex in the library. That might not have been the last time we see Eugene creepily watch two people — or more — consummate their love.

Josh McDerrmitt jokingly told Entertainment Weekly that the rumored love triangle that is coming in future episodes could lead to a scene where Eugene creepily watches Daryl, Carol and Rick have a three-way.

"I’m hoping it’s a three-way between Carol, Rick, and Daryl. I think that’s what Eugene’s hoping for at this point."

He’s joking of course, but now is the time to take bets on who Eugene will creepily watch from behind a bookcase while they have sex.

"But yeah, I think I need to talk to Scott Gimple and company and see if we can make something happen, squeeze something in into like a post-edit on the back half, just so that Eugene can watch some sort of three-way or something."

Eugene is a creepy guy —  after all, he’s rocking the mullet in a situation where procreation with someone way out of his league is a real possibility. But hopefully we will get to see his storyline returned to as we press on with Season 5 as there was a lot going on when he was literally put out of the story cold, and there is a lot left to explore with his character and the effects he has on the group.

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